Hello Interwebs!

Ode to Georgia O’keeffe.  I’ve always loved O’keeffe’s work and was thinking of it when I made this macro flower image during a photo challenge put out by KelbyOne a while back.

Well here it is. My very first personal blog post. I caught the bug when I started blogging at work. Being the Art Director for the Quarter Horse News has really lit a fire in me creatively. The work I’ve been doing on the magazine has fired up some ideas for personal art projects. This new website and blog is apart of that. But, I will say this now. I am not a writer. Repeat. I am not a writer. So if my grammar is awful and my sentences run-on please look past it.  If it bothers you enough to want to offer to edit for me, fantastic! Just shoot me an email. I don’t expect that to happen, but stranger things my friends stranger things…

Like I was saying my creative juices have been reawakened and I’m trying my hand at this blogging thing. I’ve also popped up a quick portfolio here. I plan to go back and add some past work and create projects to share as I develop them. Speaking of which, I fired up a canvas earlier this week trying my hand at some acrylic painting again. Its been a while, but I’ve always loved the feeling of a brush on a canvas.

I understand blogging isn’t easy. I’ve heard about those that have jumped in thinking they would blog everyday only to find themselves struggling to get to it once a week. I like to think I’ll have something to share at least weekly. And what will I share you ask? Mostly stuff about art, graphic design, photography, other blogs, some of my personal work etc…

I hope you’ll keep up with me and see where this leads me. We’re living in amazing times and I want to leave at least a little bit of a mark, even if its just a slab of paint.

Thanks for reading! You can learn a bit about me here.



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Graphic designer, ranch hand, dog walker, parrot nerd and art fancier. Living in Fort Worth.