Moving along

“Slicker Reunion” hangs above the printer I use at work everyday. I blogged about this piece recently at my day job. 

I think I found a theme I like. Now, I just need to start writing. I’m not really a writer. But my editor at work says I can hold my own. I don’t know that anyone really cares about what I’ll say, but I think it will be fun to send a few thoughts out there. I do blog for work. Not often, but I try to get something done once a month. Here’s my most recent contribution. I write about the western themed artwork that hangs through my office. I’ll most likely stick to artistic themes throughout this blog. I enjoy talking about it and sharing what I see. I studied art in school and its my job. Its not my entire life but its a big part of it.

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Graphic designer, ranch hand, dog walker, parrot nerd and art fancier. Living in Fort Worth.