My Typography Project

Wolfgang Weingart’s “My Way to Typography” November 2000.

I’ve decided to tackle a personal project. Typography. The recent trends in hand drawn lettering has had me fascinated for some time now. How do they get such smooth lines? I’ve always been intrigued by type in general, though, I’ve rarely made time to delve much deeper than ogling type through websites and blogs. I always felt it deserved more effort than just a passing glance. But, I need a creative project and have decided now is the time to explore the type I’ve ogled for so long. So here we go.

“My Way to Typography” is written in English and German. Weingart signed each copy sold that day.

They say you should be grateful for what you have and use what you have rather than worry about what you don’t have. So I’m starting this project with something I have. I have a book. In November of 2000 one of my college design classes had a chance to hear internationally renowned typographer and graphic designer Wolfgang Weingart speak. He was on a book tour. After, several decades Weingart had been convinced to write a memoire. “My Way to Typography,” is the result of his 30 years journey as a designer and teacher.

It’s huge, two inches thick to be approximate. It’s written in English and German, which may be part of the reason it is so massive.

I love it when the word “whence” is used.

I remember my fellow classmates calling me nuts for buying it. We were all poor college students and some of us were just about the graduate. But I liked Weingart, he reminded me of my German Oma (grandmother). But there was something about the way he talked about typography too. It wasn’t inspiring as much as it was intriguing. So I charged the 50 bucks and actually took it back to the dorms and read it. Not all of it, cause ya know, it’s huge and we were weeks away from cap and gowns. I had projects to finish for finals. But I liked what I read and promised myself I’d get back to it some day.

It is one of the few books I kept from college. I have a stack of them on a closet shelf that I see the spines of every morning. On occasion finding a need to pull one down to flip through. Weingart’s mammoth has always been at the bottom of the stack. I’ve said for years I’ll get back to it some day.  Well 17 years later its finally time. So I’ve started reading it and I’ve been doing some simple letter sketching. I don’t have a plan for My Typography Project other than we’ll see where it leads me in research and sketching.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

The beginnings of my own type drawings.



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