Support Staff

I work in a cube. As the sole designer for QHN, I work along side the editorial staff, but rarely consult with other designers. I mean I do, but only to touch base with what the other magazines are doing and for the occasional second eye.

So, this is my support staff. My bullet journals, my run sheet, a dummy of the current issue, usually a job sheet or two, my many utensils (Pens, highlighters, rulers, pencils etc) and my little yellow coffee cup. When I’m sitting in front of my monitors and I look to my left, there they all are. Usually, everything is where I can easily see it. And they lay in wait to offer information as needed. Other various support staff are the notes, art pieces and various figurines that live in my cube. These provide me with whimsy, color and inspiration. Some of the pin ups change over time and some of them stay a while.

Just a day in the life.


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Graphic designer, ranch hand, dog walker, parrot nerd and art fancier. Living in Fort Worth.