Bullet Journal Challenge Week 2: Physical Care

A couple of weeks ago The Bullet Journal & Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine started the Self-Care Bullet Journal Challenge. Being completely obsessed with bullet journaling, naturally I jumped on board. The Self-Care challenge is a guided 8 week tour to self-care. Each week we’ll be asked to focus on a particular area of life and how our bullet journaling aids us in that focus.

The first week was Personal Care. It focused on “me time” and daily routines. This week we focused on Physical Care, and for once in my life I was excited to write and share that I’m actually taking care of myself!

I’ve been working out now for about a year and a half and have just set a new goal to run my first 5K. I’ve always been a fairly good eater, but again I’m really working toward being even better and cutting out foods I simply don’t need. It’s all about mindset.

I’ve found a great gym family at APEC. I’ve never been an athletic person, but the coaches at APEC have been so welcoming and have indeed become another family group. They’re amazing at working with each person’s needs in a small group setting. They train everyone from student athletes to regular adult fitness classes all the way up to professtional athletes. Its a dynamic and encouraging environment. I’m so much stronger than I’ve ever been. My journey is really just beginning, I have a lot of work to do. But I’m glad I’ve found APEC to help me through it.

I’ve been journaling on the focus points the challenge has given each week, but I have also been taking the time to keep a food and workout journal in addition to my regular bullet journal. I keep my workouts in my bullet journal weekly spreads as appointments to keep them part of my day but I use the Field Notes booklet to keep details about workouts and of course details about what I’m eating and when.

I never imagined I’d be so excited about exercising or running for that matter. I used to say in Seinfeld fashion “I choose not to run!” ha ha. Now I’m actually enjoying it and looking forward to getting better.

Week 3 is upon us. Psychological Care is on the docket. If you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed I suggest giving the Bullet Journal system a try. No matter your age or place in life it is always a good idea to write things down. It doesn’t have to be fancy or illustrated. But it will give you a peace-of-mind.

More later. Have a good week!

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