Is it really March?

What is it that causes us to experience time at a faster rate as we age? Is it awareness of our existence? Is it the realization that at some point we’ll be out of time?

I was thinking about this the other day after hearing about the death of someone my age. I didn’t know the person but it still made me stop and wonder.

In thinking back to my earlier days, (ahem, my 20s) I don’t remember really having much sense of time. I also don’t believe I had much sense of how and what I really should spend my time on. I know I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to end up. I just knew I wanted to work and be able to care of myself.

I feel like I have a better sense of time now (just entering my 40s). I realize there are only so many hours in a day. The reality of life is, unless you want to exhaust yourself or go insane, there’s only so much one can really accomplish. To really envelope in the experience of something takes time. It also occurs to me that maybe this is different for every person. Clearly, there are people smarter and more accomplished than myself. But it seems that the people that are really good at what they do, don’t do much else. Master of one kinda thing. And everyone measures success differently right?

I suppose all his deep thinking can be attributed to my bullet journaling. Really seeing what I actually spend time doing has made me reassess certain priorities.

I wonder if at some point it will slow time down too? Probably not though. At any rate at least spring is just around the corner!

More later.

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