Bullet Journal Challenge: Week 5 Environmental Care

I’m a little behind on my blogging. I think sometimes I just wear myself out on the digital stuff. I also have a few smaller projects outside of my design and blogging work that have kept me away from a computer in my off hours. I’m trying to plan out my days so I do a little of each project at least once a week so I don’t get overwhelmed and fail to complete said projects. Wish me luck!

Anyway, last week’s BJC focused on Environmental Care as it pertains to our well-being. At first all I could think about was conservation, then I read the suggested prompts and realized “Ohhh! its about my little world,” where I spend most of my time, and how well that space is set up for my mental well being.

Well, flat out, I spend the majority of my day here…in my cube. (crickets)

A cross section of my cube.

So, as a creative I do everything I can to keep my space engaging, comfy and organized for my work life. I have various pleasant pin & a few family photos. I also pin up design I like and come across in other publications or just around. But with spring on our doorstep I realize its time to refresh the cube walls.

Just a small corner of my daily work world.

I’ve already added a new plant. I received the pot from a friend who just moved and was downsizing. I’m thinking about naming my new little Dracaena, “Daphne” (yes I name things I’m fond of). She just looks like a Daphne to me.

My new plant! I think I’ll call her Daphne. (Yes, that’s a photo of one of my parrots. I’ll write about them soon).

But in the next week or so I’ll tear down what’s up on these cube walls, rearrange and replace with new inspirations and pin ups. It will be fun and it will satisfy the urge within myself to freshen up the view, reorganize and keep my sanity.

I’ll likely do the same thing to a few rooms at home too. Purge the junk we don’t need and freshen up the stuff we do have. Clean and tidy, it makes me happy.

More Later.

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