Lost in my To Do list

So I had a few amazing weeks keeping up with my blogging and then things slowed down. I clearly still have too much on my plate.

My biggest thing is training for a 5k. My first 5k! It’s going very well. But when one thing is going well you can bet there’s other things that are just getting by.

I have started documenting my efforts in “The Great Foraging Experiment

Foraging toys based on the items received in The Great Foraging Experiment kit.

Now, my parrots already forage quiet a bit, especially Ravi, but this challenge is pushing me to kick it up a notch and I’m trying to document everything I can. So I can better learn from the process and in turn do better for my birds. The paperboard pocket, on the left of the image above, was demolished in about a day. It was stuffed with bits of walnut wrapped in paper stuffed in more shredded crinkle paper. I split the pocket in the middle and then zip tied it to the inside of his cage.

Destroyed and all the goodies inside consumed. 

As you can see he gets the idea. Destruction of enrichment is a parrots m. o. I’ll repurpose the remainder of this pocket as something else most likely, second toy!

So between keeping up with work and 5k training and keeping my birds busy I’m doing my best to get some blogging in. I have my Sunshine blogger award post is half done. So many of the blogs I already follow have been nominated already so it’s been tricky finding new blood to add to the list. And I’m still mulling over some questions. I also have a Bullet Journal weekly challenge to blog about. It’s “Social Care” week. It’s all about relationships. I’m starting to see this blog as a relationship. I’m wondering if I need to focus my blog on one topic like design (as I originally intended) or if simply sharing a little of all my activities is ok? is it wrong to ask this question outloud? There seem to be rules for blogging and then again not.

What do you think?

More later.

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