A little art

Every year I look forward to Fort Worth’s Main Street Arts Festival. Over the years, I’ve collected my share of smaller prints and a few originals as well. The little prints often end up in my cube at work. This year I picked up a small matted piece from a photographer I like, Joel Anderson. The cow in this photo just spoke to me. Her name is Gretchen.

I also discovered something new with Michael McKee‘s pastel art. Now I’m ashamed to say this was the one that got away this year. I found his booth towards to end of our visit and I was physically and mentally drained. But his work is wonderful! So much color!!!! I did have a quick chat with him too, very nice guy. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to grab a card. I do hope he makes it back to Fort Worth again, I can’t stop thinking about those colors!

More later


  1. It’s interesting to see what speaks to different people. However, it is not easy to grasp the details. We are all unique and what you see I might not and vice versa. Of course our experiences have a lot to do with it.

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