Getting past it.

I was supposed to be in Virginia Beach watching a friend get married today. But American Airlines couldn’t get us there after they cancelled our original flight last minute.  So after hearing about Anthony Bourdain taking his own life, barely a day after Kate Spade took her own, I found myself in a flurry of emotion and upset. What a shitty day yesterday was. The good of it is we’re getting our money back from the cancellation.

So to cheer me up my husband took me to a lovely Mexican spot, Mi Cocina here in Fort Worth. They have…the best…Huevos Rancheros I’ve ever eaten. As we walked into the restaurant I saw this glorious floral art installation at the back. Through an archway and in gorgeous natural window light, this large paneled painting glowed.

So I took a snap shot and edited on my iPhone and I’m posting it here to share the glory. After a bad day (which I don’t have often so it shook me up pretty bad), this was good. Life is good. Lets be nice to each other and listen to each other. Rest in Peace Anthony and Kate.

More Later.

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