Independence Day

Here in the United States it is Independence Day. Our country is at another arena of obvious separation but, here’s hoping, for one day we can all just chill out and enjoy our country’s birth. (Without starting fires, it’s hot and dry in Texas)

No country is perfect. All have questionable and undesirable pasts. I am personally grateful to be born in a place that allows me choice of opportunities. The ability to work for what I want. Earn my living. I’m aware I am very lucky. I understand others don’t have such cards to play. My ancestors were immigrants from Europe and they came here on ships for a better life. They maintained their homeland cultures and practices while working hard to becoming Americans. It was not easy for them. Becoming a good citizen of any country benefits both the person and the country. It can be done. So, here’s to a country that can provide a leg up for those in need and here’s to those that have not and would not squander that leg up.

Happy Independence Day America!

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