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Well, again it’s been a while. I kind of decided unless I have something I really want to share there’s no use driving myself crazy trying to force content. Because, let’s be real, does the world really need more half-assed content?

I check out this web magazine a few times a month called Creative Boom. They’re out of the UK. Aaaannnnd, their website has a fun set of googly eyes that follow the cursor around. It may be my favorite thing about them. But, they also have really lovely visual and textual content. It usually speaks to me one way or another. The screen shot above shows an article from earlier this year I dug up while scrolling the other day. I’ve found myself pulling back from technology when possible (I’ve been reading a lot, more below) and doing things by hand (hello, bullet journal). This article about embracing change supported my belief that change is a good thing. Its ok to do something a little different from the norm. Take some time and look through the Creative Boom site. I think you’ll like it.

The Changing of the Guard

I’ve moved from weekly layouts to daily pages. I’ve also gone minimalist with my pages. And at some point I clearing touched my pages with damp hands. 

So my current bullet journal is almost full. I have 6 pages left in what I call my Volume 1 Bullet Journal Rhodia Goalbook. I started it 8 months ago. Its been a great notebook for bujo. Its held up well to daily carry and writing. The paper is nice and I found pens that don’t bleed through. It does have an off white paper though so if you’re prone to mistakes and use white out regularly you may not like that. The little I needed to use whiteout it didn’t bother me much. I’ve learned to embrace the mistakes. They really do make us who we are. I already have a new journal being prepped to pick up where my well used Rhodia Goalbook will finish. A Dingbats A5 Wildlife themed cover notebook will be my new bujo, Volume 2 Bullet Journal (as seen in the image above). The paper in this is rrrreally nice. A bit whiter than the Rhodia. I did have to number my pages though. It has a dot grid pattern and a pocket in the back. I’ve drawn out my Index, Future log and a couple of collections I wanted to continue with. I’m kinda excited about the new book.

For fun I’ve gone back through my photos to see some of my favorite layouts and tidbits in the Rhodia.

One of my favorite weekly spreads
Its kinda funny I had blood work done during the week of Valentine’s day. 

I loved this monthly spread. The discounted brush markers I found came in hand for this surrealist flower graphic.

As you can see I’ve had my share of fun with my pages. Nothing ground breaking of course, most of my spreads were based off ideas I found on Instagram. But I’ve learned to develop my own ideas and pages and it can only getting better. My handwriting has always been pretty good but it gets better and better as I go.

If you’re needing a way to get organized I again would recommend starting here.

Book Club

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been trying to pull myself away from technology a little. Mostly just trying to avoid the mindless smart phone scrolling that’s become the norm in our society. That’s where I realized there’s a lot of content out there that’s half-assed. I used to read a lot. I’m glad to say I am again. I’ve read 7 books over the last 6 months. That’s pretty good for me. I’m just about to finish and 8th this weekend. I also joined up with Barnes & Nobles new book club. I caught things with the second book, Clock Dance by Anne Tyler. It was an interesting story for sure and fairly easy read. The next book is called “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” by Hank Green. It’s on preorder and I can’t wait to start it. The ladies that came to the book club discussion were so nice and everyone had something wonderful to add. I wish it was happening more often, but I’ll take what I can get for now. I have a stack already to keep my busy otherwise.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 4.53.17 PM.png

I’m just finishing “The Bassoon King” by Rainn Wilson. As if I needed another reason to love “The Office.” This autobiography is really great. He’s lead a fascinating life and its so funny. I’ve laughed out-loud several times. I highly recommend it. I’m moving onto “The Nest” next. It’s received mixed reviews from those that I know who’ve read it. So I’m anxious to get into it.

And on that note, its time to go read. I hope those few of you that read my little blogs get something out of them. I need to get back to reading the blogs I’ve followed here. So many great inspirations, so little time. Be well everyone!

More later.

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