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The magazine I design is very niche and built very much on templates. I do break into those templates some, however we publish twice a month so the templates help keep us on track and consistent in look and readability.

A few times a year we get content that warrants a full out feature styling. In our February 1 issue we featured a personal profile on 2018 NCHA Futurity Open winner Tatum Rice. I’m not gonna lie. I jumped up and down when I saw the image provided for the stories opener (seen in the image above)

Yes, we like to fill up the pages in Quarter Horse News.

Most of the images throughout were provided by the Rice family. I scanned each one of those adorably fun photos from Tatum’s youth. In this case it worked out great for the layout idea. The story itself was copy heavy, so we had to allow our typical 3 column pages to flow as usual, but I love the hand placed effect the bottom sidebar has against those columns.

The last few images were of high quality so I felt great about using them larger. I also have a love for bleeding images off the page. And lets be honest a nice pull quote never hurt anyone. The biggest kick for me was knowing that such a genuine person was getting a really nice story in our magazine. When you care about the work, it tends to come out better. Every industry has its good and bad and the western performance world is not immune to that. Tatum Rice is one of the good guys and I hope he and his family enjoy it, as well as our general readers.

You can see larger digital versions of the entire layout on my portfolio page.

More later.

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