Keeping my Peace (aka Trying not to lose my shit)

I rarely worry much about the decorative aspects of my bullet journal. It’s a tool for productivity. While I keep it tidy, I rarely get overly designerly on its pages. Though in my early days of bujo I did (see below).

These days of harsh trials have me focusing on what can keep me from well, essentially, losing my shit. So I’ve been creating “pretty pages” as needed. Between these little creative spurts, still being able to do my regular work and continual prayer I believe I’ll be fine.

So this is me encouraging you all to do what you need to do, to avoid losing your shit. No matter how simple.

More later.

Categories: Art & Design, Bullet Journaling


Graphic designer, ranch hand, dog walker, parrot nerd and art fancier. Living in Fort Worth.

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