Taking Advantage

How many mornings do we really get to linger under the covers?

Even when we say we’re planning to sleep in on a Saturday the adult in us, or maybe just the adult in me, gets me up no later than 7:30am. After all, there are things to be done. The dogs need to go out, and they want to be fed. There’s laundry and house cleaning, groceries, and I should probably get a workout in and there’s always a project to attend to and so it goes.

So when I rolled over around 7am this morning and heard the rain I smiled and stayed right where I was.

Well, actually, the dogs shook and decided they still needed to go out, and we did. Then we came right back in, because…rain. So, I climbed back in bed and I dozed off and on for another hour. Listening to the rain and the light thunder and being grateful for my spot in life despite the current state of our world.

I decided in that moment anything I had to do could wait because, well…quarantine. So I took advantage of the situation and I lingered…until 8:00am.

More later.

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