Big trees

We built a house. It’s been two years in the planning and building. The neighborhood we built in is older and established and slowly being renewed.

The community was built in and around what used to be a pecan orchard. Many of them are tall and gnarly and old. Our property has one old large tree right in the front center. We even had a horseshoe driveway poured around her to preserve her place and hopefully protect her some.

She’s pretty awesome, tall and balanced. She has at least one squirrel residing in her trunk. We had her trimmed right before the build last year and she slowly came back to life. I’m praying the terrible freezing winter storm we had in February didn’t do any damage.

We’ll move into the house soon and I can keep a better eye on her. It makes me glad to have such a tree. I hope we can do right by her.

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