It’s been a minute

It seems daunting to get back into this after all that has happened over the last couple of years. So many times I started a post only to stop myself. There’s been a lot to share and write about but yet, I didn’t. Does the world need another blog, I’d ask myself? So many people in my life are busy coming and going and doing and having and giving and coming and going… But, I’m in limbo right now. Waiting. Just waiting. So, maybe blogging is what I could do to help keep me company so to speak. I’ll start sharing the art and designs I see and do…Design Around My World.

The opening spread of a recent feature I designed for NRHA Reiner magazine.

So, here we go again. I’ll start with some of my recent work (image above you can see the full layout on my portfolio page). My magazine Quarter Horse News was shut down back during covid. We still publish a couple times a year, but it’s mostly a website now. I managed to keep my job and have been art director for the NRHA Reiner magazine. I enjoy the work and it was a blessing to keep a job during such a tumultuous time.

This feature was a real treat to build. The Reiners are a slick group. They put a lot of care into their show attire. Building these layouts is like a puzzle. Each one a little adventure.

Another layout from the Reiner feature.

More later.

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