Photography for all!

It’s world photography day! I’m a graphic designer with enough shutter skills to keep my work going, brainstorm ideas, and have a creative outlet outside of work. My most used camera is the one that lives in my iPhone. The smart phone has killed the point and shoot camera, or so I’ve read. It’s a blessing and a curse.

If you’re intentional about how you use your smart phone to take a photo you can get magazine cover worthy shots. Though most people just put them on social media, there are lots of ways to get great prints direct from your phone to canvas or even framed art and photo books.

I saw this sky through sunglasses the other day. I used those sunglasses as a filter to photograph it with my iPhone.

I have a photo printer at home. Nothing fancy just an all-in-one for home printing. I also, have a little travel Polaroid photo printer. It makes fun sharable, scrapbookable or mood-boardable prints in just a few mins.

Mini Polaroid prints for fun.

Technology has allowed anyone to be creative these days. So, wherever you are today, take a minute and look around and be intentional about the photos you take.

More later.

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